If you think deeply about what it means to be positive…or what it means to be negative…what do you discover?


What is Being?

Delving into this question led to a sense of aloneness.

An unfamiliar atmosphere.

I say ‘YES’ to this atmosphere. Many say ‘NO’ to this same atmosphere.

Life is the un-knowable, and being unknowable man has said NO to it. In saying YES to what is knowable…he is saying NO to life. What he ‘knows’ is the realm of the ME. He only says YES to ME. He may appear to be a YES, but this a mask. Being a form of the familiar he/she must avoid the unfamiliar. The unfamiliar is FRESH. The real positive.

The familiar ME can never be FRESH.

The ME being stale is driven to mask its staleness with psychological deodorants.

What I am is represented by the little I in the word life. When I real-eyesd that, I became free of the claustrophobia of the whirld.

And where am I?

I am here. Here is not something you can know. Trying to know it means you NO it. Thinking you already know what it is, means you NO it. Not caring about what it means to BE HERE, means you NO it. From the point of view of ME…being here is an overwhelming challenge. Appears to be.

Appears to be full of things. ME things.

There are no things HERE. Here is an OPEN INVITATION.

Yes to the FRESH.



By neil oram




© neil oram 2017