What is Clinging Doing for You?
by Neil Oram


Imagine the entire population of the Earth walking along a vast plain.  And not only the millions and millions in existence today, but everyone who has ever existed from some beginningless beginning.  And all these people are holding up placards as frequently seen in protest demonstrations.  And on each placard is a statement or a question.  Some are written in careful script whilst others are crudely painted or drawn.  All the placards are nailed onto sticks and written on both sides.  Some placards are making the same statement or question, and these similar placards tend to move slowly along in distinctive groups, but here or there within this vast mass of moving noisy people a placard will appear as if belonging to one group or another. 


Now looking down onto this astonishing protest demonstration one is assured of one fact; everyone has at least one hand in the air.  Everyone is clinging to a stick.  Everyone is clinging to an idea.  And NO one is paying any attention to the fact that this act of clinging is preventing the free use of their hands.  People may change holding up their idea from one hand to the other — but NO one will let go their idea — unless it is to swap it with someone else’s.  And there’s a lot of swapping going on…..which of course is conducted within a maelstrom of noise.  Some people even cross out their first idea and write out a new one.  And do this again and again and again.


The point is it makes NO difference whatsoever what the ideas are.  It is, as it were, that everyone is being ruled by a primary metaidea which says that unless you have an idea to hold onto you won’t survive.  You’re nothing more than animal meat.


From the beginningless beginning, it is as if humanity has been the servants of an ‘ideas factory’.  And it seems that NO one — and I mean NO one — is even prepared to examine this metaidea.  The idea that without an idea ‘to believe in’ we are savage piles of shit.  I am not in any way making any judgement on the so called ‘meanings’ illustrated by the advertised ideas.  Whether it is ‘God is love’ or ‘love is God’ or ‘All people are parasites’ or ‘marriage is forever’ or ‘the world is composed of bullies and creeps’….it makes NO difference.  All the ideas imply one proposition.  Without an idea to believe in and cling to, a human being is a non-entity.  But what if the very act of clinging prevented an innate human intelligence from coming into being?  That the energy required to hold onto any idea — including your ‘idea of yourself’, the ‘idea of love’, the ‘idea of death’ — what if this very unexamined clinging is preventing potential humans from becoming actually real human Beings?


If you bother to try to focus on that part of your psychic life which is doing the clinging, you will probably be surprised to notice it seems to be clinging involuntarily.  Or so it seems.  Look closer.  Is the clinging not actually following a command?  And the command is transmitted in the language of fear.  Obey or die.  Now test it.  Try, try, try and keep trying to open your psychic hand.  (Could it be your starving embryonic true essence?)


But you’ve got to keep focused on the issue.  Feel what it actually feels like to be in this state of chronic clinging.  Don’t even look at your idea(s) or anyone else’s.  Feel your captivity.  If you really feel it, you will know what I mean by feeling captive to deadness.  I don’t need to spell out the next step.  But a warning: you may find NO one will be even slightly interested in examining their own slavery.  That’s not so bad.  But they might seriously object to you truncating your position of being an agent for the ‘ideas factory’.  This could easily disrupt your daily existence in ways beyond your imagination.



© neil oram 2007