A rare taste exploded

as the fire extinguished the filming.

A rare fragrance of knowing

as the hour became the horizon.

We arising, sailed over the sullen walls of envy... trembling...

We melted in the unseen sun...

Yes, lovers shone...but soon we knew...

WE felt

Those who would not burn...would soon

Clutch the shadows of our songs

And torture us

With their smart cowardice.

Recently a sex-maniac asked me if I could transmit something of the quality of the energy that was let loose in the Sixties. It was Albion unchained!  Blake's vision of unfettered freedom in the flesh. was wildly wild...tempestuous, it was open and very generous...kind...honest...expansive...crazy...colourful and strong...adventurous, gentle but above all FEARLESS...and therefore the very essence of real FREEDOM!

The freedom to be real. The freedom to be happy. The freedom to BE above thought. The freedom to FEEL ALIVE...and respond to good VIBES.

It was oceanic, a flower-power revolution in consciousness. It was born from a quality of real cosmic love...which had been kept at bay for so long by the upholders of uptight, soul-destroying belief systems. And of course, the catalyst which blasted the sleeping souls to love...was L.S.D.

No doubt about it. All of us who tripped beyond the ego illusions based on fear...discovered a compelling miracle. No one had to be handsome or beautiful...glamorous or rich, married or powerful, to find ample opportunities for uninhibited sexual closeness. An amazing democratization of sexual energy arose...whereby people recognised each other--not because of their physical appearance--but souls came together through empathy...through the quality of each others VIBES. This truly was the revolutionary discovery of the Sixties:--VIBES. The courage to let one's life be directed by one's awareness of one's own and other people's vibes...was the vibrant hallmark which characterised the Sixties sexual revolution.  And it stratified and divided the already divided social-setup. For no one who had the wrong vibes...could con their way into this expanding love festival. But, once one had passed the Acid Test...daily love-life became a magic theatre where one could explore one's abilities at being a full-on performance artist.

And if you were travelling on this love could go anywhere...walk down any street in any town or city in Europe or America...and you were bound to meet other wide-open souls on the same trip.  If you were in a strange town, you didn't have to work out where you would sleep that night. Fearless adventurers on the love vibe were always out scouting for new arrivals. And money wasn't necessary, because the only currency recognised was the Bohemian, free-love vibes. And this living currency was radically different to the energy people employed who one way or another...power trippers and control freaks.

So, this astounding sexual revolution was fueled by an inscrutable mystery...which transformed the lives of those who surrendered to it. To stay on this had to be honest and abandon all forms of emotional possessiveness. This took a lot of courage...but loving therapeutic help always seemed to be available.

By 1966, the vibes of this unpredictable celebration seemed omnipresent and unstopable. And what stood out so clearly, was the way men and women on this love trip...not only felt they were truly equal...but dare I say it...divine.

Then the fall!

The hi-jacking of the love-space began around the  macho ` HATE THE PIGS...KILL THE PIGS brigade ' who were completely ignorant of the cosmic love vibe. They created this hate-full space which was soon occupied by man-hating feminists who were out to tear Orpheus and Apollo apart. Of course all the resentful vibes were collected by the news-media...gobbled up by the music industry...who quickly canned the de-humanizing poison...which then mutated into aggressive Punk negative vibes. It seemed the free spirit was now crystallized into nothing but a sneering attitude.

So what about now?  I still think the challange is for love and sex to stay together. To keep each other strong and fresh. But how does one stay on the fresh love-trip today...when there seems so few of us...and everyday LIFE on our planet is constantly being polluted by endless stale ideas of future catastrophe?

I really find it very sad that so many deluded people, think that the flower-power...still active...sexual revolution...meant...and still means...nothing more than an opportunity to revel in loveless sexual gymnastics. To revel in the avoidance of honest closeness. Who believe that weird sex without love, is more real than real love. These are the foundations for the development of ugliness. The word `sex' today is more and more enslaved to the word`industry'.

Of course, there are still strong souls around...who have stayed clear of this ugly commercialization and falsification of the space of sexual freedom, and, who by staying on the real love trip...have spiritually, mentally and emotionally matured. And probably a few have discovered...through being totally honest...the value of their own unrepeatable aloneness. These lucky ones are often dealt inscruatable cards from the realm of strange love. That they are able to awaken and nourish mysteries within one another is an unprovable poetic reality. Living through this tornedo of flagrant cynicism, they are the real revolutionaries...who avoid the poison of off-the-peg image-bound love-less sex.

For me, the only sexual revolution worth supporting, is one which energises and nourishes all of me. Body...heart...mind...and soul.

by Neil Oram

© neil oram 2007