Is it possible to have hope, without a mental scenario as an object for one's hope? Another way of saying it is :-is it possible to have hope without a belief in 'a future hoped-for outcome'?

Could hope be a life-giving energy? Say i think 'i hope i'm being honest now'. That seems to be an authentic approach. Different than 'i think i'm being honest now'.

The point of course is about the benefit, or not, of the state of hope?

And if one does consider the state of HOPE is nourishing to one's core Being, one doesn't want to live hoping one's hope will never be destroyed.

So there's a difference between hope and what's hoped for. A difference between a present state of hope…and an imagined FUTURE. This is the real issue. If hope lives in BEING, than the difference is between Being and IMAGE.

And the difference between the image of Being...and BEING.

The difference between writing about hope, and being hopeful.

Full of hope.

 If I say, "i hope i'm being honest now," i don't imagine i will lose my state of hope if i discover later on that i wasn't being totally honest. 'I hope i'm being honest' is a statement of endeavour...an endeavour which will surely uncover aspects of Being, as yet not realised. So hope in honesty seems to be a healthy way of life.


By neil oram



© neil oram 2007