Healthy competition? Can competition ever be healthy? Is it ever promoted by the losers? And yet is there any condition or activity which has not the virus of competition somewhere woven through it?


The promoters even use the word ‘spirit’ in relationship to competition. A competitive spirit. I think it’s clear that the promoters believe that without competition there would be no life on this planet. And to be fair, it’s easy to SEE why they hold this position. But as the old saying goes, you don’t have to live like a horse if you live in a stable. Meaning is it POSSIBLE to LIVE in a non-competitive space? 


First I must make it clear that I’m not proposing a hang-out for the bruised and battered.


This is NOT a proposition to be constructed at any level. I’m pointing to what is perpetually overlooked. Peace. REAL PEACE.


It could be that the Virgin Birth in the manger, is a very apt image of what I’m getting at. The trouble is, that it seems so far away from our present experience. What I’m alluding to is not religious…although it might be a real link to the realm of the spiritual.


You know the difference between the sense of ‘being driven’ and the sense of being deeply at rest?

You can NEVER be driven to peace. The modern idea that the driven can find peace at certain times through meditation is a lie. That so called ‘peace’ is not the real eternal peace.


The driven and the drivers of the driven are slaves of psychological TIME. Slaves of the whirld of competition. It is only by INWARDLY  moving out of that Babylon, that one may come across a true non-competitive energy. Yes, there is such a reality. 


This non-competitive energy and space is a completely different existence to the competitive whirld. Not only that, the competitive mind-set can NOT enter the non-competitive.


The competitive CAN make images of what it imagines is the Spirit of the non-competitive…like what one encounters in temples, mosques, monasteries, churches and cathedrals.

The so called competitive ‘spirit’ is a drug. A drug which feeds egotism. A drug which feeds both the mafia and the military.


If you understand what I’m saying you don’t need me to list all the different forms of the competitive virus. And make no mistake, it causes disease and deadness.  It is the essence of this mad whirld. 


Well can’t art be non competitive? Yes it can but it seldom is. ‘The poison of the honey bee is the artist’s jealousy’ wrote William Blake.

The Culture Whirld is a major breeding ground for the competitive viral atmosphere.  


What about love?


Well that’s a good subject for the next popular mist-conception!


By neil oram




© neil oram 2017