The essence of mediocrity is the belief that an appearance of approval is a real value. Hence symbols of disapproval cause irritation.

Mediocrity is the condition exhibited through being anchored to the notion that I need to belong to a WINNING VIEW.

Idiots anchored to a bruise.

The top-dogs of the mediocre pack transmit their belief that they are the exponents of a view which is superior to all the other competing views.

Holding a particular view moulds a specific attitude.

`Top-dog is an attitude'.

Did the Twin Towers represent an attitude?

Did the attack on the Towers represent an attitude?

Of course the Twin Towers were viewed from polar opposites.

My view includes your view, but your view doesn't include my view, therefore because I hold the winning view...I can take from you anything I want belonging to your defeated view.

The conned-senses `mind'. The sargossa of mediocrity. Engineering self-promotion.

The mediocre pack is called "WE".

We need "WE" is the name of the bureaucratic game of defending mediocrity.

"Yes, you need us" cements the pact.

That's the way you're the fact.

Wanting to have a superior ( i.e. winning ) view, is what fuels the machine grinding down actual potential.

The attack on the Twin Towers was tit for tat. Tit and tat...BOTH forms of mediocrity.

The Tit Twin Towers and the Tat attackers are the two poles of the same uroboros-machine enforcing universal boredom.

Don't T.V. adverts SUDDENLY ATTACK stability derived from con-text.

Attack attention span

Was the attack on the Twin Towers an attack on an attacking mind-set?

Was it a Twin Towers' editorial revision?

What does the conned-senses commercial attacking mind-set attack?

Non-competitive tranquility.

What does the industrial war machine defend?


The Bush/Blair word-war on so-called `terrorism' is a continuation of the Thatcher war on flower-power...on real un-official FREEDOM.

The freedom from tit tat uniformity.