The true path and the duplicate

     by Neil Oram

No one can progress on a true path before he has really understood that there are false paths.
A true path opens the way to soul development. Likened to the creation of a PEARL from a piece of grit.
Known as the Great Work...there are of course labour pains.
Many of the false paths seem very easy to enter and are if each false path is tailor-made to fit the particular spirit's shape. In other words they accomodate conditioned spirits.
There are also the tough false paths for those addicted to power.
All false paths advocate mindlessness. They all promote the notion that they know what real thinking entails, but they are offering a superior mode of existence. All the promoters of these false paths are dead egos. They are like acorns being eaten by pigs. Whereas fully grown oak TREES are mature souls. So the first thing you need to understand is that your ego is a seed...which can grow into a SOUL.
But you must never forget that you can be EATEN by pigs. Pigs in this analogy are fat, voracious egos who are entrenched in the stinking mire of me me me me me-ness. These pigs farm other egos. Fatten them up on falsity.
I don't know if it is true that there are no roadworks found on the paths of soul development, but of course, roadworks do not necessarily indicate any improvement is envisaged. On this subject, I've been told that no true path can be improved...whereas false paths pretend to be the `up-to-date' versions of the true paths.
A lot of the hardships encountered on the paths encouraging `ego-seed to real-soul development', are the direct outcome of strategies articulated by the fat PIG-MASTERS of the false paths. Pig-Masters offering add-vice.
All the true paths are means of developing from ego to soul. All the false paths deny there is such a reality as a soul. Like acorns denying the reality of oak trees. Some of the false path pig-Masters also deny the reality of acorns.
Every being is a spirit. Ants...pigs...butterflies...humans...pinemartens...whales...and so on. SPIRITS! Angels are spirits. Demons are spirits. Elves are spirits. Giants are spirits. Gods are spirits. The universe is a spirit.
Spirits...not souls.
Every soul is a spirit.
Not every spirit has a soul.
A spirit does not need a soul in order to exist. It needs a soul in order to APPRECIATE BEING.
In the ABC of human existence, A equals Appreciation of Being...B equals the Doings born from that appreciation...and C equals the Content accumalated by appropriate or right action--the doings born from the heart of appreciation.
There are millions of soul-less spirits. Like amoebas without a nucleus. On the other hand, if a spirit has a soul, it is a nucleus formed from that spirit's life experience. Experience transmuted into wisdom...and retained by that spirit through structuring its appreciation of LIFE.
Spirits are not intrinsically good or bad. A spirit is a spirit, which like water has no point of view. What looks like the characteristic quality of a particular spirit, is really a display of its function at any given time. Time point.
A spirit displays what it serves. Like a tube...transparent...its particular hue indicates how it is being USED.

We are like tubes...through which all mannar of winds can blow.
Being a human spirit my existence is a tune.
How about Being in tune?
By listening to the drone of Being you will stay in tune with Truth. Of course there are the other sounds being broadcast by the pig-Masters.
New sounds
Fast sounds
Slick sounds.
Hip sounds.
Weird sounds.
Electronic sounds.
Engine sounds.
Tortured sounds.
How few stay tuned to the Great Mystery.
Some say love makes no demands. Is this true?
Yes, the soul is the heart of a human spirit, but a human spirit does not automatically have a soul.
There is not a pearl inside every oyster.
Some of those who struggle along a true path...swear that they are constantly healed by a fragrant breath...which seems to caress the developing pearly soul-seed within their spiri-self.
Yes it hurts
keeping in tune with truth.
The truth of one's mission.
The mission you swore you would fulfil when you incarnated on Earth.
If you have forgotten your is the opposite to your tendency.
Let's say that you're mean...then your mission will in some way entail allowing yourself to be a channel or tube for the spirit of generosity.
As the spirit moves through hurts. It's abrasive. It sands down old selfish habits. The pain shakes up the karmic shape. The ugly, inappropriate psychic shape.
In our hypothetical case, the mision to be generous, has incarnated in a body ruled by mean-ness.
Living by this spiritual-growth principle is like going against the grain.
The principle irritates like unremovable GRIT. The irritation creates spiritual heat which helps the forming of the pearly soul.
So before you incarnated here, you created your mission in the previous world. So your mission is the heart-string of your life...stretching from the spiritual realm to the physical Earth. It is with this stretched can experience the winds of the Divine Spirit.
This extraordinary psychic string can accumalate minute qualities of atmosphere.
This mysterious string is one's real life-line.
At death, this string immediately rolls up into a tiny weeny weeny dot of GRIT. ZAP!
This dot of grit is the essence of one's soul-work.
Yes, this concentrated essence of one's life's understanding...emits a pearly glow...which can be used to navigate one's way in the after-death astral world. The particular texture of your glow...your vibes...indicates to other souls the nature of your being. And so, souls commune with one another... in the wonderful silent aether. But ah! Is it silent? Inside the silence there is oooosh, yes, oooooosh. But I won't describe what any adventurous, honest human soul can experience. And obviously, you don't have to be physically dead to explore the unrecountable spiritual reality. What your spirit needs is soul-light - the soft pearly glow which warms the mind and keeps it soft and flexible ... as if it were an amoeba.
This is the whole essence of our situation as spirits. To live and walk the true path, we have to have a warm heart, illuminated by the pearly light which melts the crystal mind of ones karmic shape.
Melting the crystal set through travelling on the path of penitence.  The god Set freezes the heart with fear. The colder the heart, the more crystalized the mind ... in fact the mind shapes itself according to the condition of the heart. Like the mind is an instrument which directly shapes itself according to the `sound' of the heart. Now the sound of the heart is determined by the grit - which is the plectrum to the guitar (heart).
This soul-seed or grit in striking, strumming and rubbing against the hardness of the heart, produces more soul ... more pearl ... more light ... more warmth.
But I was saying ... the quality of the mind is the reflection of the condition of the heart, which means everything depends on whether there is any real grit in your heart. The grit being your mission which rubs and strikes against the blind grope of existence.
By staying in tune with your mission, your heart will produce the beautiful pearly light sound, which keeps the mind warm, fresh, whole and able to meet every real call upon the soul.
Now this staying in tune with your mission, can be very painful. And this brings us to the characteristics of the false path.
The false path is characterized by the avoidance of the issue of chosing between good and evil.
The false path is slick, fast, full, busy, frantic, smooth, calm, rounds every corner, lets you off every hook, gives you constant `good' advice without you asking for it you shortcuts, so you don't have to WORK against Set on the false path.
But where does the `good' advice come from?
From those hypnotised...(by Set)...spirits, who imagine they are working for The Divine.
Yes, groups of spirits congregate and convince themselves that they can help other beings evolve. Evolve to what? How can spirits, who are not indigenous to a situation help?
Well, only if the Lord of the Way asked them specifically to do some task. But that's not what is going on. No, this is the true score. Negative spirits have invented clever doctrines to ensnare other spirits and suck the life out of them in order to farm them.
That is one goal that negative spirits have - spirit sucking or life sucking for their own survival. But in order that they can farm others without any interference, it is essential that no one can see what they are doing. This means that the farmers have to do everything they can to stop anyone developing a real soul. So they advise spirits who have a spiritual mission -on Earth, for example - how to get rid of the painful grit in their hearts.

They teach the way to avoid the heart. To avoid pain. To space back from being human ... so they can farm you. So they offer a wide range of different goals. Any goal than the mission you already have ... is what is offered by these `farming advisors'.
Here it is worthwhile to remember that your real mission will include the way you execute your mission. Always by employing the thinking, remembering heart. When the heart is not working, doing its job, you're on the false path.
It is imperative that every insight be threaded through the Heart. Onto the heart string connected to the grit. From the grit of one's mission to one's backers in the celestial region. The real work is to stay in the heart under all conditions.
The heart is the organ which thanks. One's soul speaks with the heart... (thanc, in Old English).
The gathering together in the heart of what the soul has understood, is called thinking. How did the soul come to understand and thereby develop its soul-light? It stood under the Christ light of Truth. And that nourishing light teaches the soul the way to move. Towards the love which calls one home.
On the false path spirits behave like TV sets. They are regaled in scene after scene, one mask after the other, but nothing happens to the TV set. It doesn't grow through exhibiting all these pictures. It just gets gradually old. Worn out.
So let me make it absolutely clear what the characteristics are of the false paths.
To begin with, people are thought of as items, counters, pebbles, stones, bricks, cogs, parts, numbers, that is - objects.
Then you are introduced to the idea of freedom. Freedom is conceived of a very high place ... a view point. Removed from the hurly burly smelly grime of life. The absolute high point where no human pain can reach. It is the mountain peak view of life, where people look like dots in a moving pattern, grains of sand moved here and there by the glaciers of fear.
Yes, you are frozen with fear - fear being your response to Set's ray - and `given' a place removed from the fresh flowing river of life. Once the bullet- proof plate glass seperates you from life ... you are led to be a viewer of your own life. An audience to the eventing below. Your mind becomes set. A crystal set. A TV set, your heart a stone. Once you are in this position, you are taught how to fabricate feelings. You construct a `heart' in the crystal`mind', you make `loving' thoughts, `helpful' remarks etc., etc.
You learn to pretend to be here. You become an actor. And what is work to an actor? Trying to appear real. What is the model the actor tries to imitate? The actor pretends to have a heart. Pretends to be human. And if someone is not convinced by the pretence - the act fails and the concealed demon attacks at once! Attacks and then swiftly hides. Attacks from a distance (high in the crystal whirld). It has left time bombs, or trip wire bombs, etc. etc.

Before one can truly travel on a true path, one has to first lay ALL one's psychic weapons on the table. As I said already, we come into this life to change our demonic nature. That is, each human spirit who comes into the world, does so to fulfil a promise, which is their spiritual mission.

Okay, fulfilling your mission entails going against the grain, swimming upstream, standing against the wind. It means that you have to stay in your heart - under all conditions. To withstand the pull to come out of your heart and view life from a viewpoint position ... which is of course a false path.

Here is an example of the consequences of taking a false path.
Through not being awake and standing under the pearly light of her wisdom, Jill allowed an agent of Set, that is, a demon, to enter her home - her consciousness.  (Of course, the demon first froze her heart with fear ... then suggested she come with him to a `safe' position - distant from the demands of other people). So, after leting this cunning demon into her house, he offered to perform the `humble service' of being her doorkeeper.

Immediately he controlled what entered her consciousness. And of course, he let in all of his demonic cronies, who finally ganged up and threw Jill out of her own home.

So then she found herself on the outside of her own life. And her enemy was within. Her heart was frozen and her soul-seed was stifled, buried under the ice. Her home had become a hotel for demons. This was hell. Finally she admitted and confessed in her soul the truth of her position. Despite the demon's sneers, she cried out from the bottom of the pit to Jesus Christ to save her! Then she reached up, up, up with all her might ... and she said she was blessed ...then healed as the radiant Master touched her soul fibres stretching up to His presence. Then through her psychic fibres, the precious river of real life flowed into Jill's thirsty soul.

Immediately, now directed by the Holy Spirit, she felt empowered to say no to the demon. So Jill was brought back into her heart, and then she began to use her true will to corner the demon.

At once, he called on other people possessed by demons, to come to his aid, but the Holy Spirit showed her what was going on, so she didn't let these demonic people empower the cornered demon now cringing inside Jill's consciousness (home).
The Holy Spirit was now her doorkeeper who immediately prevented any more demons coming inside, and what is more, taught Jill how to melt her cold heart by serving her brothers and sisters. Through doing this, her crystal set mind - in which the demon resided - began to melt, and melt very fast. Suddenly the demon - who Jill had made - was out of his element-- coldness!  Now her mind, instead of being frozen aether - became like warm water - or like a large, warm ameoba. And floundering inside this warm liquid mind substance - the demon is wanting out. The demon was drowning inside sneered at, `non-existent' love!

And so the Holy Spirit opened Jill's door and the demon dived out ... into space ... where I am told, he was given the chance to confess to all the evil he had performed for Set. After that, he was given the opportunity to beg the Lord for Mercy to be allowed to enter purgatory and learn how to become eligible for spiritual development. That meant that he had to be broken down to an Earth (soil) condition...the bottom of the human scale. This is the primeval dough condition, where one has to wait for the ray of creation to enter and create a me. Dough, Ray, Me. Thereafter, the true path leads from me through fa - faith in the Divine Self - to sol - Soul. And it is only when one is in the true soul position - one can walk the path of truth, as demonstrated by Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ and Hui Neng.

Once established in the soul position, one is ready to serve the Divine by submitting oneself to the law of love, which is to put another's well being before oneself, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. By living under this La(w) point, one is able to see with one's soul and speak with one's heart. By living the truth which one's soul sees, one is drawn into the bottom of the next octave (or the top of this one): the note is called Dow (tao) the sound like the 'o' in cow. So this is the scale of soul development:

Whole Being
with one's soul
of love
(I am real by grace)
In the Teachings of The True Paths
Resistance     '
The primordeal substance       
matter - mother

To sum up, it can be seen that we either grow from ME,(soul-seed), into being a soul, or we stay in the me me me me position and use our life to construct false selves, (demons).