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Well it seems to be you
Everyone says it's true.
It could have been Billy
It could have been Lou

And then there was Arthur
And 'hang-about' Drew
O God! It's no secret
I've known quite a few!

But life's a strange wrangle
We all know that's true
But though I'm a muddler
From day one a plain stumbler
I'm sure about you!
Surprisingly true I'm sure about you.

And so when I sigh
Whilst gazing at you
I can't tell you why
I don't know the whole truth

But these sighs are the way
My soul speaks to thee:
The meanings too deep
For my old mind to see

So it's not just for me
When I sigh seeing you.
It's my soul being grateful
I've been found by you. Found
To be lovable. Lovable like you!

It's a blessing, addressing a soul like you.
I'm not afraid to slip up!
Not afraid to feel blue.

You don't seem to measure me.
It feels like you treasure me.
It feels like we're being
Ontologically true!

Of course we're a puzzle
To Billy and Lou.
Arthur's more deep
Like my big sister Sue.
Both are relieved
And don't sniff for clues!
He's been wanting my sister
But she's sure it's a ruse.
What he wants
Is to not want
Them thinking he's gay
At the Friday night dos!

You've changed me completely
I seem a creature quite new;
I will never forget. I was gazing at you
Then I heard in my heart your voice calling 'Peg'
"Peg, my heart you've awakened
And sees who you are.
But you don't need to fear."
(I'd thought of a clothes line
Then, Captain Silver type man).

Then you opened me up
And all became clear:-
I can fly! And we did
Flew so HIGH! O so HIGH!

You, my white knight, lit my Pegasus flight.
Through love's open door, we flew like the night.
Yes you rode me far past all my binding beliefs
That had kept me bound down to a past without peace.
A dead past without peace!

You rode me into Eternity's Grace
Where demon-fuelled humans have no place!
Now Grace is our home
In which we abide:
Me, happy soul-horse, you, wizard guide!
I remember you saying 'I'd soon be released'!
It was beyond all my dreams
I'd only known grief.
Not 'till I bore you
Very fast past the stars
Did it dawn in my heart
What we are. What we are.