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What is the essence of Flower Power and does it have any relevance in today’s A.I. dominated whirld?

First, Flower Power embodied two forces which were in opposition,  

And yet, in a single miraculous moment…peace flowered. (The rose carefully planted inside the barrel of a threatening rifle.)

Another opposition was the movement between the impersonal and the personal. The majority of Flower Power Hippies discovered their own mysterious Flower Power, whilst undergoing deep travelling  into their previously unknown psyche. And this (mostly young) majority were precipitated into this deep travelling  as a direct result of ingesting L.S.D. And one aspect of what was discovered was (and is) that each one of us---does not have to be an agent for our ancestral heritage. The essence of this discovery is the real-eyes-ation that the self one had assumed was one’s own identity, is not at all who you really are. This is a very profound awakening. But it wasn’t discovered as an observation of what one is not. It was real-eyesd  as a consequence of discovering what one really is. Discovering one’s true reality by being it. Being Being.

It was as if one fell out of the cradle of the myth that one’s existence ---one’s very life –belonged to the past. To the ancestral baggage out of which one started constructing a self--- whilst inside the womb, and throughout one’s following existence…until one woke up! 

And on awakening, one’s life for the first time became distinctly personal. One had escaped from the karmic prison---enough to SEE how beings are enslaved within its psychic persuasive boundaries. The karmic de-personalizing prison.

And yet….Yet one’s highly personal real-I-sation of one’s immortal essence is an open secret. It’s a secret because no one but you can develop you. Yet an awakened being is open to relate to other awakened beings. And there’s the rub.

Un-awakened beings are very often very frightened of awakening beings. (Awakening beings who are quite puppy-like) And we all know what sort of havoc and cruelty un-awakened beings can dish out to awakened beings! That’ s why some of us refrained from  noisy political protesting. 

And today? Well the new de-personalizing tool is A.I. It is being employed to make a completely soul-less whirld. One in which a huge proportion of the dull, dumbed down populace, will bathe in the hypnotic electronic shit like grunting pigs.

How important is the success or failure  of this project to you? 

My guess is this. If you’ve already adopted the nuts and bolts viewpoint of existence,  you might not care about the growth of A.I. , or you might be very enthusiastic about its growing control. The idea of an impersonal, soul-less  whirld doesn’t mean anything upsetting to you. You might even go as far as to imagine the Earth free of humans  is a welcoming prospect. You might think that there was never any reality to the designation—soul.

But what about those of us who are deeply concerned about the reality of soul-life. Are we a bunch of deluded, weak-minded escapists?

‘The reality of soul-life’. What does that mean?

If all babies were killed in the womb---that would bring about the end of human existence on Earth. If all acorns were either eaten by pigs or rotted down into compost…there would eventually be no Oak Trees.

O.K. what if every ego is actually a soul-seed. And what if every ego is poisoned with egotism. (Like killing all the babies in the womb).

To develop from a soul-seed-ego to a mature fully grown soul, is akin to an acorn becoming a fully grown Oak Tree.

And obviously if no soul-seeds develop into souls, the Earth  will be populated by an un-feeling, thought dominated, information dominated, fear dominated, A.I. controlled de-humanized soul-less robotic forms. Clones. Androids. 

I am deeply opposed to this taking place.

So what is the process needed by an ego-soul-seed to develop into a soul?

First it must be clear that the growth into soul-reality is a real opportunity. One’s real mission on Earth. Second, it must be clear that this process of development requires real work. There are many reasons why soul-seeds fail to develop. One has to work hard at growing roots through the width and depth of undeveloped humanity ….with deep feeling compassion.

The major tonic scale gives us a clue.

Dough  Ray  Me  ///  Faith  Soul

Imagine that into the homogeneous, primordial dough, the RAY OF CREATION creates one ‘me’ (soul-seed ) after another. And each ‘ME’ has a basic choice (1)  Either go me  me  me  me  me  me  me etc, until all its RAY-ENERGY is expended…and it subsides—dead-- back into the primordial dough. (And because no soul was created, it lived a soul-less existence). Or (2), refrain from ‘me-ism’ and instead study its existence. Study its own inner life, and through deep honesty meditation (uncovering one by one every self-centred stone) encourage one’s psyche to be sensitive to our deep inner reality.

By not wasting one’s energy on egotism (in any form). The me-soul-seed starts to feel a PULL OF THE WAY….which is the Fa or Faith note.

Within the Faith position, one meets not only other developing souls, but one or two fully developed souls, freely  giving  encouragement and some times vital advice.

The transition from Faith to SOUL is very subtle from what I’ve observed.  

Of course, being in the process of developing one’s soul-seed potential within an A.I. dominated whirld, is very scary. Scare-city. A scarcity of love vibrations. A scarcity of loving human spaces. Because you must understand that the word ‘love’ only stands for a real existence at the Faith and SOUL levels.

And so now it’s time for me to make clear what exactly stands in the way of any soul-seed-ego-child from developing 

The basic detriment to soul-growth is the views of others who have no idea of what is involved in ego-soul-seed development. Almost everyone on this planet is involved in one form or another of performing. Performing distractions instead of developing one’s potential for soul growth. 

The Earth has been turned into a vast performance arena. No sooner a baby is born, big people start their conventional performance around the new born. Stupid sounds. Silly faces. And so it goes on from the womb to the last breath…and beyond into the funeral drama. The whole life existence acted out as a long series of contrived performances. And all occurring within the parameters of hungry egotism.  Within the false field of dis-traction. (Dis the god of chaotic possessive performance.) 

And because the soul-seed-ego-being is NOT developing its spiritual potential, it suffers inside a deep sense of uselessness. And to try to escape from this feeling of compression, the frustrated being goes after one distraction after another. 

Yes life is useless suffering if you fail to develop into a soul.

Souls also suffer, because it is natural for a soul to feel compassion, and be compassionate to others. The suffering experienced by souls is not the consequence from seeking distraction from anguish.

Just like caterpillars don’t look much like floating colourful butterflies, so egos don’t look much like developed strong souls.

Neil Oram






© neil oram 2019