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Is it obvious that being relaxed is an indication of honesty? Total relaxation…spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Honesty allows essential Being to be present here and now.

There is no strategy to be reflected on.

There is no apprehension of imagined outcome.

Being can only present itself through the alive essence of honesty.

Is this a ‘DARK AGE’?

Is a dark age a period when there is a NEED to point out THE OBVIOUS?

Time is obvious

Vibes are obvious

Flow is obvious

Change is obvious

Existence is obvious

Space is obvious

Intention is obvious to honesty

Lying is NOT obvious to the dis-honest

Selfishness is obvious

Selfishness is NOT corruption

Pretending to be ‘not-selfish’ is corrupting

Holding beliefs is obvious

WHY they are held is NOT obvious

In the energy fields generated THROUGH beliefs are found myriad forms and expressions of LYING. Is this obvious?

Is goodness obvious?

All beliefs refer to IDEAS

Ideas about existence

A belief is employed to energize or ‘destroy’ (suppress) ideas.

People become prisoners of ideas by feeding them.

There is THE IDEA that I (?) need to be legitimized.

No condition,( money, reputation, property, good feelings, intellectual brilliance, startling lovers, etc, etc,) legitimizes in the sense that ALL ANXIETY disappears.

The IDEA of ‘the need for legitimization’ is born from anxiety.

Anxiety gives rise to the notion that one is in some sense WRONG!

Actually the anxiety is consequent on holding a belief in a certain IDEA of correct Being or position or performance.

One is failing to match up to some IDEA which one has invested in.

The anxiety is consequent on one’s attention being fixated on goal orientation.

Apprehension.  Potential failure.  Anxiety.

The problem arises because we have all too easily placed our support in what turns out to be false. So we cannot rely on the sensation of anxiety as an indicator of what is the truth of any situation.


Anxiety relates to safety, and although it can be said that there is no other safety than LIVING IN TRUTH, one might believe one is being honest whereas one could actually be a prisoner of a belief system. If that was the case, it would ‘feel natural’ to be anxious if one’s belief structure started to collapse.


All believing agents for any idea fear the loss of their life investment.


If what you take to be your real self, is in fact not your real self, anxiety will haunt you.


Real self legitimizes itself.

Only self awareness of real self is free of all anxiety.

Now it looks like anxiety is an accurate indicator of not being real.

If one is anxious one is not centered in Real Self: or Real Self is not centered in Truth!

Yes, Real Self can be centered in illusion…and consequently feel anxiety.

Anxiety is therefore—in this context—a saving grace.

The disharmony between Truth and Real Self is felt (as the condition called ‘anxiety’).

The obvious step for the Real Self is to dis-connect from anything or any body which is not true and real.

Even so, many souls use the excuse that the magnetic pull of the error prevents them from LIVING THE TRUTH!!!!

Actually as long as the Real Self stays out of harmony with the LIVING TRUTH it lacks the true POWER to overcome the mag-NET-ism of the error. (Whirld)

So saying it’s too hard trying to live in the Truth conceals a very corrupting LIE.

Actually, the Reality of The Truth neutralizes the magnetism of the error.


When there is no anxiety there is a sense of the beautiful. Fragrant atmosphere. Ancient fresh vapours. The eternal freshness.

Does this mean that sex is included?

Of course.

But doesn’t sex pull one into the whirld of mag-NET-ic lies?

No it doesn’t! It’s the theory of sex—its imagery,(both erotic and anti-erotic((clinical)) which pulls one into the whirld of falsity). (false-city)

The theory of sex is the CENTRE of the whirld.


Even so, the Real Self loves real sex.

Real, honest, frank, open, playful, lusty imaginative sex. Yes please!

Such luscious shared activity is one of the essential flavours of Real Life.


6th December 1994







© neil oram 1994